Jin Stirrup

All Aluminum..Wide Foot Bed Stirrups, Spurs, Hackmores, Amazing colors and of course it’s all able to Matchy Matchy!

KJ has been using Jin products since 2013!!

*Usually these are drop shipped directly from Jin*

Since 2001 stirrups made by Jin Stirrup have been a reference for many producers, being made principally out of high quality aluminium. Due to their ergonomic form they guarantee perfect grip and maximum stability. The colouring, customized in many different variations, is achieved through a process of anodic oxidation that guarantees a long lasting product.

 Strong, ultra-light spurs with an advanced design.

Jin Stirrup spurs, characterized by an innovative design and only 34 grams in weight, are produced with a procedure that makes them unique. Rather than being produced through moulding, they are made from solid aluminium, which makes them very strong without ever deforming. Produced in the measurements Long, Medium and Short, they are available in an ample range of colours.

Resistant, light and comfortable hackamores.

Jin Stirrup hackamores are made from high quality aluminium, light and resistant. They come in a vast range of colours obtained through a procedure of anodic oxidation to guarantee long life. The adjustable nose band in soft leather is particularly comfortable.

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