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2018 HollaDayz Limited Edition Soaps

2018 HollaDayz Limited Edition Soaps

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The 2018 Limited Edition Cold Process Soap is DoNe!!

This Year’s batch is 10 of each Flavor!!

Spice Night 

Sweet red apples with cinnamon, clove and pumpkin.

Bahama Momma

Tropical coconut, passionfruit, black raspberry and banana undertones.


Light citrus mixed with hints of jasmine, rose and hyacinth with musky base

Hawaiian Life

Banana, grapefruit, kiwi, and strawberries.

Moroccan vanilla Oatmeal

Pure warm Moroccan vanilla beans. Contains ground oatmeal as an exfoliant


Scrub the Night

Light Cool scent blended with aloe vera for Moisturizing. Contains ground oatmeal and sea salt as an exfoliant to removed the dead skin.



My 1st complex blend. Sweet orange with patchouli, amber, vanilla, and Rosewater. Contains activated charcoal.