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Sugar Scrub

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Organic Honey, Rosemary, Almond Oil & Vitamin E revitalizes the skin as it softens & exfoliates.

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This is a 4oz size so it's easy to take to the Horseshow!

KjC Scents
Mint 2 be: Spearmint/Tea Tree
Mystic Moment: Lavender/Bergamot/lime
Trail Ride: Pine Needle/Tea tree
Grand Final: Vanilla/Lavender/Patchouli
Sunglasses @ Night :Cherry/Lime
AfterHours: Bergamot/Lavender
Exacto LS: Lemon/Lavender
Azula: Passion Fruit Coconut

C'zangria: Coconut Lemongrass
Shiraz: Cranberry/Grape
Udiana: Strawberry
Sunday Drive:Lemon Eucalyptus
Artistic Empire: Lavender Vanilla
WonderPony: Patchouli Chamomile
Nip Tuck: Cranberry Lime
Delta Blues: Margarita & Salt
Supernova: Almond Brown Sugar
Peur Cupid Shuffle: Rose Hip
South Central: chocolate Mint
Magical Wish: Lime/Orange/Grapefruit
Inner Ninja: Pepermint/Patchouli/Basil
Love Yourself: Sandawood/Ylang Ylang/ Orange
Purple Rain: Chamomile/Lavender/Orange

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