Super BIG FYI is COMING.... 🤫🤫🤫🤫 Theres about to be a Boutique front... ~🖤🦄🖤KJ

Staff of KjC

Here around KjC we are a complete family affair. From our house, to the Studio, Woodshop, The Barn, ETC...

We are one big Happy Zoo Family... We Have an open door policy so.... Thank you for joining us!

Zoo Staff

                  KJ                     The Great MJ          Momma J


Board of Directors

       Queen EM                  Mav                WonderPony 


Public Relations Department 

                 Projo.                         EOD



Director of Safety 


Quality Control Team

            Pickle                           Sushi 


Barn Manager


In house Yoga Instructor

 GrimLock The Destroyer  

Guardians of KjC

A piece of my Soul is with each of them & I know that they are always with me, forever watching & Protecting me.

         Moose (1998 ~ 2015).                  Fluffkins (2006 ~ 2018)


           Czar (2003 ~ 2014).                       Harley (1999 ~ 2017)